Free Robux and Tickets Generator

Welcome to our Free Robux and Tickets generator. With this tool below, becoming rich on Roblox will become easier than ever. All you have to do is enter your username and email to automatically be entered into the system and request your 100,000 Robux and 200,000 Tickets. Below, you will learn more about how this free Robux and Tickets generator works, and how you will receive your Robux and Tickets.

How does this work?

ROBLOX Rewards is powered by PHP. The system is quite complex. In order to speed up the process of verification, PHP will need to be able to check login with However, there is an issue — ROBLOX requires Recaptcha validation if you login too fast.

This website gets around 200 hits and 100 login attempts every five minutes. The ability to login via ROBLOX would, at this time, be considered impossible.

Instead of using this website to login directly, we use proxies. Every minute, a script runs to delete and add proxies according to their status. These proxies are disabled for ten minutes after usage. When we are out of proxies, the website will wait until one is available — when it generates one.

How do I receive the money?

To deliver the ROBUX automatically, we have another server because the amount of CPU that takes up is big. This website notifies the remote server to start a new deliver ROBUX process every 5 minutes.

The process will make T-Shirts on each account and sell them for 10,000 R$ each and then delete the t-shirt. This process takes only 5 seconds, and sometimes is so fast it cannot be seen.

Our profit:

No profit is made from this website. All ads you see help to fund our servers.

I did not not receive my money, help!

In most cases, you will receive your ROBUX within five minutes when our automated t-shirt generation process and purchase process run. However, you might notice that it has been longer. Sometimes those two processes fail to run because the website has no available network proxies. In this case, you will receive your money within 36 hours.

Step 1

Watch this short clip telling you what to do to get your free robux and tickets.

Step 2